nothing feels good

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coming up next week on tumblr,

-we discover more celebrities and professional athletes that aren’t “great people”

-escapist teens behind computers passively rebelling against the status quo

-casting out anyone who doesn’t agree whilst playing the victim simultaneously

-reblogging only carefully cherry picked posts and news articles that verify our previously held opinions and positions then forgetting about them a week later to blog….

-amateur sex gifs that are super high definition featuring pornstars




send me up to date selfies so i can put you in my artificial academy 2.

the groupthink on this website is 2much. 



how do i even keep gaining followers…


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i’m rly busy workin dis job :( x leminscate

people on this website are rapidly searching for any inconsistency in anyone’s line of thinking so they can point it out and act like patronizing holier than thou assholes about it. i think you’re all projecting :3

i’m eating a banana 

here’s a picture of me cryin yesterday 

here’s a picture of me cryin yesterday 

netflix recommend me movies to give me feelings of self complacency.